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Common Questions People Ask About Car Finance

Posted by on Mar 6, 2018 in Car Loan

Are you looking for ways to finance your car? There are a number of car loans available that will assist you in financing your dream car. These loans can be taken from different banks and lenders. But where should you start? What should you keep in mind when searching for the right options? Below are a few common questions people have regarding car financing.

1.     The Interest Rate

You may have wondered what would be the interest rate if you settle for car loans. Will it remain the same throughout? Can it be lowered? Are other banks and lenders offering similar rates? All these things are important to know, to negotiate the right interest rate for your loan. If you want to know the interest amount you are paying, you can find that out through the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The amount you will get will be the annual interest rate based on the loan unpaid balance. This will also be based on the credit score, which the dealer will calculate by viewing your credit report.

2.     Second-hand Car Loans

If you are planning to buy a second-hand or used car, you must have questions regarding the availability of loans for such cars. There are lenders and banks that offers loan for the purchase of second-hand cars; however, the interest rates of loans are higher as compared to new vehicles. Moreover, factors such as car value and repayment capacity are also assessed before the loans are offered.

3.     Penalties

At times you may have to bear penalty, in some circumstances, for paying the loans early. Important questions regarding car finance and penalties that you should ask include:

  1. Is it possible to make early payments without penalty?
  2. Will there be any other penalties in the loan?
  3. Will there be any additional charges with the loan later on?
  4. Does the loan come with any hidden charges?
  5. How can you get rid of the penalties?

4.     Car Loan Term

The time span of the car loans on average can range from 1 year to 5 years. People can also opt for a loan that has lower tenure by having a higher equated monthly instalment (EMI). If you find EMI expensive, you can opt for higher tenure loans. The loan tenure by some lenders can even go up to 7 years.

5.     Loan Amount Eligibility

If you have decided on the loan option to finance your car, you would want to know the amount that you would be eligible for. Most of the banks and lenders can give you the loan of up to 90% of the car value. Lenders make this decision by noting the type of vehicle, cost, value in second-hand market, and many other factors. What’s more, there are lenders in the market who would be willing to offer even 100% of the car value.

So keep you documents and loan application ready, and ride in your dream car in just a week.

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How to look for the best car loan? Comments Off on How to look for the best car loan?

How to look for the best car loan?

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in Finance

You are all set for work this morning. You get into your car and take a huge whiff of that new car smell. You turn it on and the engine sounds exquisite and welcoming. You floor the pedal and off to work it is. While listening to your favourite song, a call interrupts you and reminds you that you have missed a payment on the car! That ruins everything…

When not shopping for the right kind of car financing, you can find it difficult to make the payments on time. Not making the payments can then result in your car being repossessed and your credit score reaching a new low that you didn’t even know existed.

Getting a car loan is perhaps one of the most important things you will do in your life. Most people are not able to finance a car on their own as it is a huge payment and a setback in your savings, which ultimately has them searching for good car loans.

Let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when taking out a car loan:

Choose the type of loan carefully

Whether it is a bank loan, or dealership finance, you need to consider which loan is best for you and will not upset your daily spending too much.

When choosing bank loans, make sure you have compared the loan you are being offered to others. Auto finance is one of the biggest finance businesses and the market is quite competitive. You may be able to get a better deal with other lenders.

When considering dealership financing, ask about every payment that will be associated with the loan that you are taking out, such as the interest rate, the down payment, the duration of the payment. Most of the dealerships tend to give good deals that look like a steal initially but their contracts can have you paying for a very long time.

Calculate everything carefully before you make your decision of going with a certain loan.

Keep a tight check on your credit history

Your credit history is the main thing that allows you to take out a loan on good terms and conditions. Before applying for a loan, have copies of your credit history with you so you have an idea of how good an option you can get from the lenders.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you apply for a loan, either if you go with it or not your credit score tends to go down. Applying for all your loans in a period of two weeks is considered a single inquiry so try to limit your application time within 14 days.

Read everything carefully

Makes sure you have your glasses on and are reading everything in the fine print. The lender will promise you a lot of good things but if they are not in writing, you cannot do anything about it after signing the contract.

Read every condition that comes with the loan.

  • Check for Mandatory Binding Arbitration. These three words can restrict you from going to court for anything regarding the loan or the lender.
  • Check for the highest payable amount and if it is something you can’t afford, you should not consider taking the loan.
  • Check the amount for the penalty of early repayment

Finding a good lender is more like finding the one that will hurt your pocket the least. Good lenders usually explain everything to the borrower in full detail and do not hesitate to explain the difficult jargon that is in the contract. A good dealer is the one you can trust to guide you well.

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The 6 Stages of Financial Freedom Comments Off on The 6 Stages of Financial Freedom

The 6 Stages of Financial Freedom

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in Finance

It is impossible to gain power, independence and money overnight. These things take time and effort and nobody can help you in this process but yourself. You have to work through a path that will lead to your financial independence and eventually, into abundance. Everything in life has a step by step process and even gaining your financial freedom has separate stages that you will have to go through in order to reach your goal.

0. Dependence

When you are in this stage, you are dependent on others for financial support. This is where everyone starts off because we are dependent on our parents or caretakers when we are born. Breaking free from this dependent stage is different for every person. Your parents will provide you with financial support until you can earn enough to support yourself and you are usually in this stage when you have to pay more debts than your income can support. The first three stages are your surviving stages before you actually earn enough to become independent and financially free.

1.     Solvency

This stage is when you can finally meet your financial commitments. In this stage, you won’t need to rely on anyone for financial support. You will not have any debts and your income will be more than your expenses. Once you start earning money, you have achieved the stage of solvency. Many people reach this stage while they are still teenagers, and some people are never able to reach it.

2.     Stability

Once you have finally paid off all your debts, and have saved up some emergency savings, you will have achieved the stage of stability. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any loans left at all, such as mortgage or college loans which are considered as good loans, but it simply means that you can pay them off without facing major hurdles. Some people reach this goal a little later in life than others, depending on how much personal savings they can gather.

3.     Agency

This is the last stage of the surviving stages. The stage of agency is when you can finally work and live however you want to. By this stage, you will have paid off all your debts including your student loans and also the mortgage and you will have enough money in your bank to support yourself for a while so if you were to ever quit your job. In the stages that come after this, you will move from the surviving to the thriving stages. You don’t need money as a safety net anymore but as a tool that will help you construct your life into something you have always visualized it to be for yourself and for your family.

4.     Security

When you reach financial security, you will be able to cover all your basic needs with your investment income, depending on how much you have saved up and how much you have invested. By this stage, you will have enough money to afford a simple house and food and clothing, enough to last you a lifetime even if you never worked again.

5.     Independence

This is the stage that everyone wants to reach in life. It is everyone’s life goal to become financially independent at some point in their life. Here, your investment income is enough to fund your standard of living for the rest of your life. You will be able to afford everything basic with some luxuries along the way too. You will have enough.

6.     Abundance

This is the last stage where you will achieve financial freedom and independence. You will have so much that it will be enough and then some more. You will have more than one income source which will be funding your lifestyle for the rest of your life, and you will have the freedom to do as you please. You will have so much that you can share your wealth with others such as friends and family. You will also be able to indulge in luxuries and explore the world with your wealth, and also start up a new business empire.

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What You Need to Know About Your Credit Rating? Comments Off on What You Need to Know About Your Credit Rating?

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Rating?

Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Credit

Had George Orwell been alive, he would have virtually seen “1984” come to life. It is the truth — our modern lives are being monitored. Every single purchase you make, where you live and what you do with your time — nothing is concealed. But what matters the most to the Big Brother, oh, to Big Financial Corporations and Institutions is your credit rating. The three digit code follows you around like the eye of an unseen camera. The decisive measure of your financial stability, credit score should hold a significant importance in your life.

Here is what you should know about your credit rating:

1.     Credit Rating Qualifies or Disqualifies You from a Loan

The investors, lenders and banks examine your credit score when they are evaluating your loan application. Regardless of the fact that your loan is for buying a new car, personal usage or you have to get a mortgage for a new home, your credit score plays a vital role in the process. Sometimes, banks also look at your credit rating when deciding whether to issue you a credit card or not.

2.     Credit Rating Settles the Interest Rates

Did you know that lenders determine your interest rates based upon your credit rating? If you have a really poor credit rating, you may get a loan but the interest will be so high that you will have to pay exorbitant amounts — way more than a person with an incredible rating. This is because when you have a bad rating, investors and banks see you as a threat and they believe that their investments are at a huge risk.

3.     What is Bad Credit Score and a Good Credit Score?

Actually, all the credit agencies that are out there have their own criterion of judging as to what classifies as a good or bad credit rating. But generally speaking, any score that is 700+ is generally considered as a very good score and you may qualify for loans and even mortgages. Below 640, your chances of getting a loan are close to a minimum and even if you manage to qualify, your interest rates will be skyrocketing.

4.     Credit Rating is Obtained from Your Credit Report

Ever wondered how do the lending institutions, investors and bankers obtain your credit rating? Basically, you credit score is calculated by agencies like Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Callcredit through your credit reports. These reports have all of your identification information, your current and past residential addresses, your credit history such as loan payments and number of credit cards in your possession.  It is possible that there are some discrepancies in the credit report so it is advisable that you contact these agencies and verify that your credit reports are absolutely accurate and you are not listed at a different address, you have due loan payments or are linked with accounts that are not yours. File dispute if you find errors in the report. You can issue your credit report once a year for free.

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Online payday loans Comments Off on Online payday loans

Online payday loans

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Payday Loans

Payday loans are a simple short term loans which are meant to help you in the quick need of a cash. The reasons for it are various and people are in the need of a quick cash more and more. Payday loans are something what you can get from the banks or you can, in the modern times, get online. Everybody knows about loans from the banks and they are functioning very simply. You need to go to the bank and raise your loan. Online loan organizations are quite handy because you don’t need to brought guarantees or any other sorts of guaranteeing that you will pay the money back. IN the past people turned to pawn shops but now things are much simpler.

Throughout history interest rates have been really high and thus people ended up as slaves or their properties were seized. Right now they are much lower but when it comes to payday loans they are pretty much high. Online organizations are making a great profit out of these interests because people are in the need of a quick cash rather than the long term loaning. Advantage of payday loans is that their rates are mostly fixed and that sometimes is really good.

online-lending-imageIN order to get your cash, you need to fill out all sorts of documentation and to provide your personal data. Benefits of some online loaning organization is that they are very flexible and they are offering you various ways of repaying which can be really good for you. This means that your repayments can be delayed if you are in the need of a more time. These online companies have various policies on which you can apply and this is really great.

Bad things when it comes to these organizations are that the interest rates can be sometimes really high and they will make you spend a lot of money for a small loan. This means that these organizations have led various types of Americans into debts. A service which was meant to represent a quick help for people who are in a serious money problems and are not able to repay their debts like rents or bills will found themselves into serious troubles.

These loans are quite handier when compared to the bank loans. In the bank, the bank is demanding from you to bring all sorts of information, papers and guarantees that you will repay your money. IF you do not, they will take your possessions and sell it and repay your dues. You should be careful of this because we live in the consumer society now and if you do not consume you will perish. You have to pay the bills and the rents and if you do not have a single way to do that then loan is your only solution. You should try to make sure that you will never get into this sort of situation in your life. It can cost you your money and your possessions and assets.

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Types of long term loans Comments Off on Types of long term loans

Types of long term loans

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 in Payday Loans

Long terms loans differ from short term ones with regard to the lenght of the payment period: usually, if the term life is longer that one or two years, we can speak of long term loans. These liabilities are, in most legal systems, defined as mortgages, cash loans, debentures and motor vehicle loans, among other types of loans. The usual elements of these loans are the basic features all loans share: interest, principal, term and other.918c31444e9eefa3852f5f603bf2b04d
Cash loans represent loans offered to both companies and individuals, in order for them to fulfill their financial needs. If their payment period is longer than a year, we can speak of long term cash loans. They are commonly known as debentures in the corporate world, and they allow the user of the loan to finance different business needs like: business expansion, improvement, technology upgrade, production modernisation etc. Individuals can use loans like these for personal use: financing purchase of goods and services, for example.Short-Term-Loan-600x270

Mortgages, on the other hand, differ in the fact that the payment period is much longer (spanning decades, usually), the interest rates are lower, and, most importantly, they are used as a way for the borrower to be a home owner. The purpose of a mortgage loan is purchase of real estate. Another important, crucial feature of a mortgage loan is that the loan is secured by real estate.

It can be secured by the real estate being bought buy the funds from the loan, or some other real estate. The important thing to remember is the fact the lender has the right to return his funds by taking possession of the secured property, if the borrower fails to uphold to loan contract terms.

hizikyluThe providers of monetary funds needed for mortgage loans are usually banks and other financial institutions.
Bonds are a certain type of securities which oblige the issuer of the bond, who is also the borrower, to return the borrowed funds with interest to the person who financed the loan, or the lender. This way, the borrower guarantees that the funds received will be returned. In most cases,bond secured loans have shorter payment periods than mortgages and are mostly used to finance investments, business activities and other expenditures. Other than regular bonds, there are bonds issued by governments, in which the state is the borrower of the funds and these are issued with, in most cases, fixed interest rates and legally defined terms.


Vehicle and property loans are loans financed by banks and other institutions with specific goals: to obtain permanent goods like motorcars, furniture, appliances and other property. They are given to individuals in order to assist the general public to purchase property of different kinds. The interest rates are usually a bit higher than with mortgage loans and the payment periods are siginificantly shorter.

A specific type of long term loans are educational loans or grants (sometimes called student loans). These are aimed at students in order to finance their education. The specific feature of these is the fact that the payment usually starts from the moment the student is employed and the interest rates are usually subsidized by the government.

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